Waking up in CD7

Good Morning! I got a call from Jerry Sherman yesterday. He’s on the ST Beautification Committee with the STNC. He asked that I put out the word for anyone who is having trouble with chronic dumping in a particular area to contact him. He will follow up with Street Services and initiate an investigation. Who… Read More »


If anyone in Pacoima is reading this, can you please tell us what your most pressing issue is in your community?

Waking up in CD7

Good Morning! It occurs to me, and I do apologize, that our Facebook Group CD7 Open letter and this blog are both a bit Sunland Tujunga-centric. Now that’s primarily due to the fact that I live in ST and the things happening to our community here are what got me motivated to start the group… Read More »

Hello Everybody!

This is the first post of the new blog Save CD7!  If you’re here, it’s because you read the open letter that our Facebook Group (CD7 Open Letter) published recently in some local newspapers.  I’m the administrator of that group.  If you’re on FB, check it out. I started this blog because  literally hundreds of… Read More »