What This Blog Is About

Save CD7 is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all of us who live and work in Council District 7. It’s a place for like-minded people from each community in the District to share ideas, get information and come together as one group so that we can achieve our goals. Simply put, our goals are clean, safe neighborhoods, a vibrant local economy and pristine natural areas & parks to recreate in.

To achieve those goals, we will work to see that law enforcement is equipped with the tools needed to enforce “quality of life” laws that have been ignored by our elected representatives in recent years.  We also are working for the repeal of Proposition 47, which is responsible for a significant increase in crime and transiency.

In addition, we are committed to helping the homeless in this area.  We are working to change public policy that enables persons to live on the streets. The chronically homeless need to be motivated to accept services and housing that many refuse in order to continue destructive lifestyle choices that put them on the streets in the first place.

We ‘re also working to promote the wonderful small businesses throughout our communities and to encourage the establishment of new ones.

Lastly, our mission is to protect and improve the beautiful natural areas in CD7 that have drawn so many of us to live here. We want to protect our equestrian lifestyle and riparian ecosystems that make this CD7 so special. We want to restore areas of the Big and Little Tujunga Wash in addition to the parks and other natural spaces we enjoy.

The only way we are going to achieve these goals is to work with our current elected representatives to change public policies that have caused the decline in our quality of life over the last years. If our current representatives refuse to help us, we will need to elect new ones who will.