LAPD Off Road Unit Rides Again!!

By | December 16, 2015

LAPD Off Road UnitThe LAPD Off Road Unit was in the Big T Wash today! They began regular patrols after the CD7 Open Letter Facebook Group and others in the community reached out to LAPD leadership before, during and after the recent volunteer led clean-out of encampments.  The Off Road Unit is going to regularly patrol the area to ensure the Wash continues to recover from the damage it suffered due to the encampments and also to keep it safe so we can all enjoy it again.

Regular Patrols of the wash was one of the requests made in the Open Letter that was recently published. We are already beginning to see results. This is what can happen when the community speaks with one voice. Thank you to all the people who took the time to be signers of the letter. You made a huge difference!

4 thoughts on “LAPD Off Road Unit Rides Again!!

  1. Alejandra

    Thank you for keeping us updated. This is great news, we owe these positive results to you and all the citizens that have been pushing and supporting they improvement of our community. We appreciate your hard work, concern and love for our community. Thanks again!

  2. Brian Schneider Post author


    During the clean out on Ms. Shin’s property three officers, including the sergeant told me they would patrol Ms. Shin’s property and the Warden also personally told me that she would patrol Ms. Shin’s property. I do believe DWP had a lot to do with the patrol as well. But the constant pressure by this group was very important in getting DWP going too. I spent two years trying to get DWP off the dime. If it wasn’t for everyone in this group and some others in the community I’m pretty sure we’d be nowhere near where we are right now.

  3. Mark Legassie

    A correction to the story. I was told the off-road unit would NOT be patrolling the Wash’s private property (Shin) since that is not their responsibility. They only patrol city property. Unfortunately, the private land is where 85% of the encampment problem lies.
    I was told this push by the Off-road unit was the result of DPW’s repeated calls for help; LAPD will only patrol DWP land which runs from about the tree farm past Mt Gleason to where the fence ends. However I believe the pressure the community put on definitely helped.

  4. Barbara

    This shows what we can do absent a corrupt city councilman. Power to the people.


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