What’s New Arundo Town? (And other bad puns)

By | December 16, 2015


Today I was contacted today by Bill Neil who has offered his help to control the arundo in the wash. As many of you know, it’s a non native plant and negatively impacts all the native flora. Bill previously worked with the LADproject_arundo_donax_fullWP and WMA after the Station Fire to control this invasive plant.

On top of that, Art Miner tells me that he’s also about to sign a contract with another firm that’s going to begin remediating the arundo all over the wash for the next five years!  So that’s really good news.

If anyone in Shadow Hills or LVT or Pacoima would like to get Bill’s contact information, let me know. He’ll likely be able to help you all too and  the funding would come from public agencies.

4 thoughts on “What’s New Arundo Town? (And other bad puns)

  1. Elaine Brown

    What is referred to as Arundo is actually bamboo and has many uses as it can be made to form in a circle as in a medicine wheel or can be used for fishing poles, to fly a banner or even to build a house. However, it is very invasive, non-native, and spreads like crazy; unfortunately it can not be fully irradicated, but if it is cut down and the stub is stunted, it is temporarily defeated. If you desire to make a pole, a medicine wheel, or to build a house, better go get some now or it may be too late.

  2. Kimberly Harris

    Better make sure whatever they do is non-toxic. For instance, Roundup is an amino acid, seems harmless enough. It wreaks havoc on the environment and human health.


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