CD7 Neighborhood Council Elections

There have been a lot of things taking place in CD7 in the last month or so since I took a brief hiatus from this blog.  One of the most important items is the upcoming Neighborhood Council Elections throughout CD7. I’d like to offer this forum to anyone who is running for a position in… Read More »

LAPD Off Road Unit Rides Again!!

The LAPD Off Road Unit was in the Big T Wash today! They began regular patrols after the CD7 Open Letter Facebook Group and others in the community reached out to LAPD leadership before, during and after the recent volunteer led clean-out of encampments.  The Off Road Unit is going to regularly patrol the area… Read More »

What’s New Arundo Town? (And other bad puns)

  Today I was contacted today by Bill Neil who has offered his help to control the arundo in the wash. As many of you know, it’s a non native plant and negatively impacts all the native flora. Bill previously worked with the LADWP and WMA after the Station Fire to control this invasive plant.… Read More »


One of the missions of this blog is to promote existing small businesses in CD7 and also to encourage new businesses to come to our communities. To that end, I thought it might be a cool idea to offer space to small business owners to advertise on this blog FOR FREE.  I didn’t  start SaveCD7… Read More »

Thank you Foothill Record!

Thank you so much to Sonia and everyone at the Foothill Record for printing our Open Letter. Not only that but they are doing it at no cost as a service to the community. I really, really appreciate that!!  It’s going to be in the next edition. You can find the paper on line at… Read More »

Thank you Crescenta Valley Weekly

I just got off the phone with Mary at Crescenta Valley Weekly. They’re going to do a story about us and also run the open letter this Thursday. The more exposure we get the better chance we have of building support for the positive change we’re seeking in this district.  I don’t believe they’re going… Read More »